Beyond Grace Of God: Educate and Empower Children

We at Grace of God Educational Foundation work to focus and contribute our efforts towards the students who have potential to comes up, yet are deprived of financial resource, guidance, support and exposure.

Our Educational Foundation, train and groom, the motivated youth of India, seeking exciting, challenging and glamour’s career in hospitality industry in our country through the Amazing Institute of Hotel Management ( A unit run by Grace of God Educational Foundation).

Educational and Carrier Guidance

To establish, run, maintain schools, colleges, educational or other Educational institutions and assist any schools, colleges, educational or other Educational institutions for Academic, Research, coaching, guidance, counselling and to give value based training workshop for students, vocational training or to grant individual scholarships for poor, deserving and needy students for the standard elementary to higher education. To give financial or other assistance in kind by way of studentship, scholarship, Stipends, meals, distribution of books, note books, cloths, uniforms or meals for the poor and indigent and to the persons suffer due to natural calamities at free of cost.


To run, maintain or assist any medical and Paramedical Educational Institutions, nursing home or clinics or to grant assistance to needy and indigent persons for meeting the cost of medical treatment.

Relief of the poor

To give financial or other assistance in kind by way of distribution of books, notebooks, cloths, uniforms, or meals for the poor and indigent and to the persons suffer due to natural calamities and any other untoward situations.

General Public Utility

To acquire property for the sole use for public good by making it available for public purpose as for example, housing a library clinic, crèche and/or as a community ball to be available for public use as training classes, seminars, discourses and other public functions for the benefit of the community in general.

To undertake any other activity incidental to the above activities but which are not inconsistent with the above objects as listed below :

  • To promote National Integration, Communal Harmony, Universal Brotherhood and Global Peace.
  • To promote and advocate Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom for all without any discrimination of race, religion, caste, colour, sex and language.
  • To develop and mobilize Community and Natural Resources to give the right direction to people of the marginalized and economically weaker section of the trust for their sustainable overall development.
  • To work with special concentration for the Child & Women Welfare.
  • To organize and take up Health, Educational and Welfare programmes for needy Women and children on priority basis.
  • To promote charitable values, literature, science, art, education and culture.
  • To conduct research studies on the social a economic conditions of people with a view to involving ways and means for their development with in their social historical frame works and to seek promotion of rural development such as provision of drinking water rural industrialization as well as Public Convenience for people.
  • To explore ways for promotion of socioeconomic development in the community.
  • To undertake, organize, conduct and facilitate, Courses, conference, lecture, research and education on various aspects and of science, technology, trust and other fields.
  • To train the downtrodden people in general for human resource development in view of the emerging needs such as database development, resource survey methodologies, computer, environmental, studies, health, education, and energy problems.
  • To undertake and promote the publication & translation of journal, research papers and books and to develop the audiovisual programme to disseminate knowledge pertaining to the objectives of the trust.
  • To work for the welfare of trust neglected and martingales people.
  • To protect and fight against the injustice against people.
  • To encourage and promote family welfare activities among needy people.
  • To aid or establish any institutions technical or otherwise, to promote education of art, Science or other related fields for the benefit of downtrodden and weaker sections of the trust.
  • To arrange and provide medical aid and other assistance necessary for living to the needy people who are incapable or handicapped or mentally/physically retarded and financially unfit.
  • To start and assist the relief measures in those parts of the country which become effected or natural calamities like famine, fire flood, earthquakes etc.
  • To communicate and coordinate with the Govt. Local and public authorities on various issues related to development welfare and public interest on different subjects.
  • To construct, maintain, alter, improve or develop any building belonging to the trust or works necessary or convenient for purpose of the trust.
  • To arrange / establish and maintain centres of adult education, vocational education technical training, low cost education, formal & non-formal education.
  • To fight against HIC/AIDS and other communicable diseases.
  • To aware people about various social issues to fight against evils.
  • To issue appeals raise funds and accept gifts, donation subscriptions in cash or in kind and any property either movable or immovable for the achievement of the objective of the trust.
  • To acquire, purchase or otherwise own or under take on loam or lease or hire temporality or permanently and movable or immovable property necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the objects of the trust.
  • To organized and take-up Health, Educational and Welfare programmes for needy & poor Women & Children.
  • To promote and protect Indian Traditional music, dance, handicraft, handlooms, Art, modern art literature.
  • To support the families and relatives of artists for promoting the budding artists in the trust;
  • To establish an award for the deserving people in the field of Music, Art grass root level social service, communal harmony, brotherhood and peace.
  • To encourage the emerging artists and their talents so that they can get proper recognition within and beyond the country.
  • To establish centre(s) for the promotion of Music, Dance and other Arts.
  • To establish residential and non-residential cultural centres for promoting Music, Dance and other Arts.
  • To work for the Environmental Protection, Forestation, Plantation, Waste and Land Management.
  • To organized vocational training for women and needy people.
  • To organized awareness camps, health camps, March, workshops, campaign and exhibition.
  • To aware people about their democratic & fundamental rights.
  • To promote cottage industries, khadi, and traditional handicraft.
  • To advocate poanchayti raj system among citizens.
  • To provide various medical services such as organizing health and awareness camps of Immunization, Eye Care, Motherhood, Child Care, and Communicable Diseases.
  • To prevent any epidemics and to advocate both permanent and temporary measures of Family Planning.
  • To provide basic medical facility, sanitation, general health care and other needful support which can be helpful for public to overcome sufferings and agony of any natural and manmade disaster and to facilitate them to rehabilitate.
  • To provide medical, emotional, psychological, social and medical support to senior citizens of our trust by setting up various drop-in centres, senior citizen homes, old-age homes and other entertainment centres so that these highly honourable people should not be neglected.
  • To undertake activities for sensitizing people to preserve the natural resources of our nation and to maintain the ecological balance of the area.
  • To provide and facilitate legal assistance to underprivileged and poor section of trust to fight for their rights and justice.
  • To promote, encourage and facilitate research programmes and training in the field of public health, education and empowerment.
  • To arrange and organize religious, social and cultural programmes for all human being from time to time.
  • To create a sense of brotherhood, love, humanity, affection, cooperation and friendship amongst the members of the trust and the beneficiaries.
  • To make best efforts for promotion, development and protection of the beneficiaries/target population and help them in distress.
  • To help poor, widows, handicapped, orphans, old aged, mentally retired and under privileged section of the trust/community.
  • To run/ operate different types of education program/schools like formal, non-formal, pre-school for the education development of under privileged children of the community/trust.
  • To run the different types of health programmes to raise the health status of vulnerable groups, poor and needy.
  • To work for the empowerment and sensitization of women, adolescents and children.
  • To make up efforts for the education, welfare and development of women, children and backward community in both urban and rural areas throughout the country.
  • To establish the medical facilities in the working locality ( if required) such as family planning centres, dispensaries, hospitals etc.
  • To run and open the schools for the welfare and uplift of the needy children and also run adult education programmes.
  • To publish books, magazines, charts, issue related IEC (Information, Education and Communication) materials and other periodical illustration for generating the income for the trust for the benefit of its aims.
  • To work and fight against discrimination based on Cast, Creed, Colour, Gender, Religion, Faith, Race & Nationality.
  • To open / run / manage institute / collage of higher / professional / vocation education in any part of the country for providing quality education and training to youth and children.
  • To promote and protect natural herbs and plants by cultivation, preservation, storage, processing, demonstration, creating botanical garden and providing necessary training.