GRACE OF GOD EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION We are social change organization working in the field of Education in Tamil nadu (India).

Our Educational foundation Intervention started in 2015 with the focus to transform the quality of Education by providing a best vocational training to the economic backward section of students from the rural part of tamilnadu. To give financial (or) other assistance is kind by way of studentship, scholarship, stipends and meals, distribution of books, note books, cloths and uniforms.

Our Mission

The vision of Grace of God is to empower the marginalised in, by providing holistic health services, contextual education, and healthy housing . Our Foundation approaches and reaches out to persons that are truly on the margins of TamilNadu society who are unable to access the services and opportunities needed to get ahead in life, such as homeless persons, single parents, children without parents and former prisoners. Our general approach is to be accepting, inclusive and non-judgmental, in a manner informed by Christian values but open to all.

Our Vision

GRACE OF GOD Educational Foundation is a social education is universally attainable, and where our society’s Leadership reflects the full diversity of all communities. By investing in deserving and diverse students from low-income communities and providing them the opportunity to receive a school education, we are creating tomorrow’s Leaders who will continue breaking down barriers and lifting up the residents of all communities.